• Lacerta Bilineata

Lagarto Verde Occidental - Entre Las Hojas

This young Lacerta bilineata was one of the first individuals I was able to photograph in May 2021; it also turned out to be my most frequent model. I photographed many - what I believed to be different - baby western green lizards, at first in the fly honeysuckle shrub across the street from my pergola (a shrub otherwise known to readers of this blog as "Western Green Central" ;-), and later in my garden. But when I looked at the photos after a week, I realized that all the photos I was able to shoot in my garden as well as the best ones I took across the street from the honeysuckle bush were actually of the same individual.

This youngster has a tiny scale deformity or healed-over wound which resulted in one distintly dark scale on its head, which makes him easily identifiable (once you've noticed it, that is ;-). Here he was almost "hanging" from the honeysuckle leaves a bit like a snake, and although he eyed me very suspiciously he seemed to think I hadn't seen him and remained completely motionless, which allowed me to take some photos from not too far away (young bilineatas often rely completely on their camouflage and only flee at the last moment).