• Lacerta Bilineata

Lagarto Verde Occidental (Lacerta Bilineata) - El Rey De Los Lagartos

The Lacerta bilineata in the photo gallery below is one of three adult males that currently - as of May 2021 - reign over our local western green lizard habitat (which consists of about a quarter of our tiny village). He acted extremely shy towards me, and it took a lot of patience until I was finally able to photograph him. He's a big, impressive fella - the tail is still complete which is rare with older adults - and I estimated his length at around 40-45cm (I guess that the fact that he's so shy is also responsible for him having so far made it through his lizard life unscathed). Despite being very shy towards humans, he is clearly the "alpha" male around these parts (although I don't think that term applies with this species), in the sense that during the one encounter I got to witness between him and one of the other two males, the one with the stunted tail, he was totally "boss" and quickly chased his rival off the premises.

The third male - which at first I called "The Phantom" because I only ever caught glimpses of him and later "The Lacertaraptor" because he looks a bit like the veloceraptors from Jurassic Park - I never saw interact with the other males. That secretive reptile gent is extremely cautious and appears to spend most of his time hidden in the fly honeysuckle shrub across from my garden. I only saw him once on the ground, and I would guess he wouldn't want to pick a fight with this big guy here either (but more of him later, when I upload his photos). All of which is to say that the photos below show what currently should count as the "lizard king" in our neck of the woods, and as you can see in the photos below, he has a mighty impressive tongue too (as is befitting for such a "royal" reptile ;-)