• Lacerta Bilineata

Lagarto Verde Yoga

This juvenile Lacerta bilineata is again the one with the distinct dark scale on its head that has chosen my garden as its habitat, at least during the month of May in 2021. The little fella's favorite spot is usually a nice, flat rock underneath the zucchini seedlings, but here he for once chose a concrete brick (which I actually had put in place hoping it would make for a good sun-basking spot for lizards, so this made me happy :-).

It was very funny watching this baby lizard enjoy the sun on that rock, and as it was constantly shifting position to find the perfect one where it would be most comfy while also getting the maximum amount of sunlight, I couldn't help but thinking of someone doing yoga positions. As I was getting closer with my camera I seem to have broken his concentration though, and as you can see by the funny looks he gave me, he didn't trust that weird two-legged giant with his strange apparatus for a second.