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Podarcis Muralis - Mostrando La Lengua

The common wall lizard (Podarcis muralis) in the photos from May 2021 below reminded me of something: as much as I'm delighted that the land around my house serves two species of lizards as habitat, and as much as I'm fond of my agile little reptilian neighbors and garden residents, I probably should be somewhat thankful that they don't grow to the size of dogs (or cows!). I suprised this little fella as he was just gulping down a snail, and while he didn't dare to continue eating while I was there, and he watched me very attentively, he couldn't quite restrain himself from constantly licking his mouth (I guess the snail - which he apparently so longed to finsh - was just mouth watering or "lizard licking" good :-)

As soon as I stood back a little so the little carnivore could feel safe again, he attacked his slimy price with relish and finished it before I even managed to adjust my camera and make a photo.